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NExS Year 2000 Statement

All versions of NExS from GreyTrout Software, Inc. are Y2K-compliant and correctly process dates through December 31, 2099.

Details on NExS Date Calculations

NExS date and time functions will accept dates from January 1, 1900 through December 31, 2099. As stated in Section 7.8 of the NExS User Guide, there is an intentional error which was introduced for compatibility with most other spreadsheet products. The error is that 1900 was assumed to be a leap year when in fact it was not. This only affects date calculations in the two-month range from January 1, 1900 to February 28, 1900. All date calculations from March 1, 1900 to December 31, 2099 are correct.

When a two-digit year is entered into any NExS date function, it is assumed to have a prefix of "19" and is internally converted. Any dates in the 21st century are automatically converted to a four-digit year format, even if a two-digit year display format (e.g., DD-MMM-YY) has been selected.

Future versions of NExS may include an option to change the "19" prefix assumption on two-digit years to "20" for convenience of entering dates. However, because there is no ambiguity in the way dates are internally represented in any version of NExS, backwards compatibility will be assured.

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