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Purchase GreyTrout manuals Click here to purchase the books NExS User's Guide and Reference Manual (493 pages) and SpreadScript User's Guide and Reference Manual (373 pages).

SpreadScript Manuals

SpreadScript User's Guide
This is the full SpreadScript manual in HTML format. A PDF version is included with SpreadScript and is approximately 370 pages.
Perl API
This is the Perl API in one web page.
Python API
This is the Python API in one web page.
This is the Tcl API in one web page.

NExS Manuals

Here are manuals to help you find out about the NExS spreadsheet, its conNExions API, and the Tcl/Tk plug-in.

NExS User Guide
This is a general user guide that shows you the parts of the NExS spreadsheet, discusses how to interact with NExS, and describes the various functions and tools supported by NExS.
conNExions API Library Guide
This manual describes the various functions available to other applications that want to interface with NExS.
tclNExS Reference Manual
This manual describes the mapping of the conNExions API to a tcl interface.
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