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SpreadScript enables you to use Perl, Python, or Tcl to create Excel (XLS) spreadsheets.

NExS Spreadsheet for X Window

NExS, the Network Extensible Spreadsheet from GreyTrout, fills your need for a spreadsheet that takes full advantage of the power your workstation and the UNIX operating system offer. NExS gives you these benefits:

100% UNIX
The NExS spreadsheet was originally developed for UNIX workstations. It's not a port of an existing PC spreadsheet program and it doesn't require a Windows(TM) emulator.
X Window, Motif GUI
NExS provides an easy-to-use graphical interface that's fully compliant with X Window and Motif.
NExS performs its calculations at the full speed of your workstation. NExS also employs ``as-needed'' recalculation methods to get you results even faster.
Large data sets
NExS can handle sheets up to 32,767 rows x 4,096 columns.
NExS has over 230 built-in scientific/financial/programming functions including sorting, database search, and goal-seeking tools. And you can easily add functions customized for your own work.
NExS lets you format your data on a sheet-wide and a cell-by-cell basis. You can also display your data using one of fourteen types of 2D and 3D graphs.
Importing data
You can import data as tab-separated or comma-separated values, or let NExS process your old Lotus 1-2-3 or Excel files. NExS even works with the cut-and-paste feature of Motif.
Exporting data
NExS can output tab or comma-separated values, or it can place your data into a LaTeX or HTML file.
Interprocess communication
The conNExions API lets you build C programs that pass data between NExS and other UNIX applications running on the same workstation, an intranet, or over the Internet. Or use Tcl/Tk to create client-server applications.
Real-time data exchange
NExS can simultaneously manage up to 63 real-time data links. The spreadsheet is immediately updated with new values as they arrive from other applications. NExS can also send commands back to these applications to control their actions.
Free support
GreyTrout places the latest release of NExS on their Web site so you get the fastest bug fixes in the industry. Minor release updates are free to registered users.
Low price
Versions of NExS range from $49 to $99 depending upon your needs.
Linux and Solaris
NExS is available for Linux and Solaris.
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