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About GreyTrout Software, Inc.

GreyTrout Software is a North Carolina-based company founded in 1999 for the purpose of bringing high-quality data-manipulation tools to the UNIX community. SpreadScript and NExS are our current products. SpreadScript provides Perl, Python, and Tcl with a spreadsheet calculation engine that reads and writes Microsoft Excel files. NExS is a X Window spreadsheet with client-server and Internet-connectivity features.

The concepts behind SpreadScript and NExS were formed at North Carolina State University during an effort to develop and deploy a scalable distributed computing environment based on X Windows and UNIX. There was very little user-oriented X Windows software available at the time, and a GUI-based spreadsheet was seen as a necessity. A key feature of the spreadsheet was its ability to communicate with other applications using the client communications built into X. This let the spreadsheet serve as a hub and user-interface for a distributed community of data producers and consumers.

The NExS spreadsheet retains the design concepts originated in the NCSU spreadsheet while replacing the source code with a robust, streamlined spreadsheet engine, Motif-based GUI, and an application programming interface that supports the construction of sophisticated distributed applications.

GreyTrout Software offers versions of NExS for Linux and Solaris at very reasonable prices. Our Internet-oriented sales, distribution, and technical support policies reduce our overhead and let us provide a high-quality product that the majority of UNIX users can afford. The Internet also lets us rapidly correct bugs and distribute new versions of NExS to our customers.

SpreadScript was developed in order to combine a very powerful spreadsheet calculation engine with the most widely-used languages available today. SpreadScript provides users the ability to dynamically generate Excel spreadsheets from web applications and databases, for example, rather than being restricted to comma-separated values (CSV) files. Since SpreadScript is a complete spreadsheet calculation engine, sophisticated computations in scripting languages are no more complex than simply building a spreadsheet. SpreadScript combines the speed of a C library implementation with the convenience of a high-level language API.

Thank you for taking the time to read our company background and philosophy. We hope you will download and try NExS and see how valuable it can be in your work. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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