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SpreadScript 2.0 beta

   SpreadScript is a server-side spreadsheet component to quickly and easily read, write, and compute with native Excel spreadsheets on Linux and to create spreadsheet-driven web applications.

Free 30-day evaluation license!

Use Perl, Python, and Tcl to read and write native Microsoft Excel™ (XLS) spreadsheet files on Linux and Solaris!

  • Tired of being restricted to providing users with CSV or TSV files when you really want formulas, formatting, and multiple sheets in a workbook?
  • Need to perform complex spreadsheet calculations on data stored in a database?
  • Want your Perl, Python, or Tcl scripts to have access to the power of hundreds of built-in formulas in a sophisticated spreadsheet?
SpreadScript provides the solution!

Click here to learn more about SpreadScript and how to get a free 30-day evaluation license.

Network Extensible Spreadsheet

NExS provides a rich and powerful graphical spreadsheet for Unix-style operating systems.

Features include:
  • Fast spreadsheet calculations
  • Microsoft Excel support
  • Real-time data exchange
  • Extensive network-aware conNExions API
  • Support for Linux and Solaris.

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